• Soft-Trim Low Compression for Acoustics and...
    Soft-Trim Low Compression for Acoustics and Carpet Interiors

    Reko Manufacturing Group

    With its highly skilled and experienced engineering department, in parallel with high quality machining and tool making, Reko leads the way in mold manufacturing for the automotive acoustic and carpet industry. With vast experience from Dash Insulators, to Package Trays, Finished Flooring carpet to Finished Trunk Trim, Reko is committed in producing quality tooling to satisfy any expectations or requirements. View More Info
  • Fuel Tank Finishing and Assembly Lines
    Fuel Tank Finishing and Assembly Lines

    Reko Manufacturing Group

    designs and manufactures hot plate and ultrasonic welders, machining and boring units, material handling and robotic systems specializing in fuel tanks. We design and build these turn-key fuel tank welding systems using tested and proven Reko boring and welding units. For these systems we have in-house experts in the areas of mechanical design, controls design, programming, build and service support. View More Info
  • Precision Machining "Engines"
    Precision Machining "Engines"

    Concorde Precision Machining

    has always recognized the importance of machining accuracy requirements in locomotive, power generation and other large work pieces. With the ability to achieve tolerances of one thousandth of an inch within a maximum VMC machining envelope of 450” X 184” X 120” and maximum HMC machining envelope 526" X 120" X 120" under the spindle, "we mean business". View More Info
  • Precision Machining "Oil & Gas"
    Precision Machining "Oil & Gas"

    Concorde Precision Machining

    has vast experience in machining critical forgings and cylinders for the oil and gas industry. We have the ability to drill up to 7" diameter up to 67" deep and achieve an excellent surface finish. We specialize in the following components. View More Info
  • Plastic Injection Tooling
    Plastic Injection Tooling

    Reko Manufacturing Group

    has been building and supporting tooling programs for OEMs, Tier I, and Tier II suppliers for over 35 years. In the ever changing market of plastic injection tooling, Reko has adapted to industry demands to allow a more focused group of tooling expertise. With the earned respect and reputation… Reko has a name in the market place as a one of the top suppliers of plastic injection tooling programs... View More Info
  • Precision Machining "Capital Equipment"
    Precision Machining "Capital Equipment

    Concorde Precision Machining

    has expertise in the machining of critical equipment components. Our ability to achieve precise tolerances greatly reduces assembly time. Our expertise includes, machine bridges, columns, tables, machine bases, and the following components. View More Info
  • Authorized FANUC Robotics Integrator
    Authorized FANUC Robotics Integrator

    Reko Manufacturing Group

    has entered into a preferred business relationship with FANUC Robotics America. Reko Manufacturing Group is recognized by FANUC Robotics America of having an internal group of highly experienced robotic integrators and are a part of their large network of authorized system integrators. View More Info
  • Flexible Material Transfer System
    Flexible Material Transfer System

    Reko Manufacturing Group

    ensures optimum efficiency in system development by utilizing computer aided design in both mechanical and electrical engineering departments. Our controls and software development team has expertise in PLC and PC based systems with graphical machine interfaces, robotics, machine vision and FIELD BUS technology, such as Profibus, Device Net and Ethernet communications. We can also provide integrated local or wide area network solutions... View More Info





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""Reko has been a valued supplier to Inergy for many years and have provided us with outstanding automated machines, excellent service and support.""
Francis J Bachner, Director, NAO IndustrializationInergy Automotive Systems LLC

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For over three decades we have been building, managing and supporting global tooling programs.

Reko International Group Inc. Corporate Overview

Founded in 1976, Reko International Group Inc. (TSX-V:REK) is a technology driven engineering, machining and manufacturing firm.  Reko designs and manufactures a variety of engineered products and services for original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”) and their Tier 1 suppliers.

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